The worlds funniest meeting place for horse crazy people! At you run your own stable. You train your dream horses, compete in horse shows, cuddle with your pets and meet friends for life!


On there are many possibilities to meet new friends and keep in touch with old ones.

Train horses

A horse that is fast, strong and has endurance has a greater possibilities to win competitions and you get more horse pennies when you sell it on the market or in an auction!


Every stable has its own cultivation land where you can grow grass/hey, oats, carrots and corn for your horses. If you have some feed left after feeding the horses you can always sell it to another member!

Take care

Take care of and train your and others animals. If you do a good job as a keeper you can get salary and gain horse pennies.


Create an album and upload as many photos as you like in HD-quality.


You create your dream world on exactly like you want it!


Create own jumping competitions and participate in others or compete with some of your animals in an expo!

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